Algar Energie se Visie

                  Algar Energie's Vision

  • Our goal is to supply reliable and affordable Solar services.
  • We accomplish this by creating DIY Kits that are ready to mount. All you have to do is 
  1. Pull the wires through and mount the items on the walls
  2. Mount your solar frames and panels
  3. Call Us
  • Our specialist keeps selected items with him, until you have finished mounting and then comes through to make all your final connections and give a COC

And there is more

We also have a mobile backup inverter system, that you can move around wherever your going.

  • This makes it ideal for 
  1. Rental Houses
  2. Vacation Homes
  3. Camping and more
  • This system works as a plug and play for your convenience

Solar Products

Images purely for display porpoises, Algar did not do the installation of these arias but we do sell the same solar products

  • Tshwane Academy - Pretoria - 205kw
  • Brakpan- 252kw
  • Nelson Mandela Univerity Pretoria 1.1MW
  • Redsun Raisin- Northern Cape- 200kw


Panele - Panels
Batterye - Batteries