Verstelbare Gang - Adjustable Alley

  • Algar Adjustable Sheep Crush
  • Algar Skaap Verstelbaredrukgang
  • YIEV3400
  • WCHM7553-2
  • HTAN5187
  • IMG_5489
  • NIMF0804
  • Die verstelbare gang kom in 3m en 3.2m lengtes.
  • Die verstelbare gange kan van 500mm tot 250mm vernou, dit maak dit makliker om met kleiner diere te werk.

  • The Adjustable Alley has a first section that is 3.2m long, all the following sections are 3m long
  • This product can narrow from 500mm to 250mm, making it easier to work with smaller animals
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